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As a LiveStor user, it

It is your responsibility to set up LiveStor to transfer your files to out remote servers and to ensure that the transfer is functioning properly.

To set up LiveStor, make sure that you:

  • Install LiveStor on a computer that can properly access all of the files you want to store remotely.
  • Add jobs to back up your files and run on the schedule that you configure. If you choose not to run a job on an automated schedule, it is your responsibility to run the job.

To run LiveStor properly:

  • The computer where LiveStor is installed on myst must be running at the time the job is schedules. It cannot be in hibernate or standby mode.
  • Other computers containing the shared folders must be running at the time the job is scheduled.
  • The network user who was active when LiveStor was installed must be logged on to the network at the time the job is scheduled.
  • The LiveStor icon must be displayed display in the system tray.
  • The Internet cable must be connected.
  • Your LiveStor job must be enabled.
  • The files you want to back up must be closed. LiveStor does not transfer open files.

To ensure that your files are transferred properly, routinely review log files in the LiveStor Service Center.

titleTo view LiveStor logs
  1. Click View, then click View Logs.
  2. Double-click each log to view the details.

To make sure your files are stored on the LiveStor servers, visit LiveStor Online. Make sure the results correspond with your LiveStor logs.

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