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Fd panel
titleAdditional Field Information

Badge Style
In the drop-down menu, you can select which style of name badge you will be using, such as Name Badge Inserts (Avery 5390), Name Badge Labels (Avery 5395), or Hanging Name Badges (Avery CS-4C).

For fields, you must first click in the first, second, or third line of the sample badge in which you want the data to display. The default selection that displays is <none>. When you select a line, you can choose the information you want to display in that line from the Field drop-down menu. You can have up to three lines of information.

For example, you can select First Last to print the first and last name of the individual in the first line, Title to print the individual's title in the second line, and Company to print the individual's company in the third line.

For each line, you can click Font and select the font style and size you want the line to print in. You can make separate selections for each line.

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