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Your default Extend page includes links to three additional pages or "channels" that have been pre-designed but which you can customize for your own church or organization.

Edit "About Us" and "Calendar"

  1. Go to your site using the URL sent to you when you purchased Extend.
  2. Log in as the administrator.
  3. Click Layout Manager.
  4. Click the link to one of the other pre-designed channels: About Us or Calendar.
  5. Update the articles and photos just as you did for the front page.

Edit "Site Map"

The site map is a list of your pages (channels). It's updated automatically as you add or delete pages on your site. You can't directly edit it. But you probably noticed the phrase "Demo Group". This is the group that contains your channels. We named it for you, but that name might seem odd to your site's users. If you want, you can rename it yourself: