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Comment: Updated with API changes from Cindy.



                John Doe

q=letter – [All individuals with last names, first names, and goes by names beginning with that letter]

Example: [a]

Aaron, James

Banning, Ann

Thorpe, Grace Ann (Ann)


When searching by letter, results display in alphabetical order by last name.

Return Data

Code Block
  "Page": [
      "IndvId": 12,
      "FamId": 1234,
      "FamilyPosition": "Head",
      "Title": "Mr.",
      "FirstName": "Johnathon",
      "LastName": "Doe",
      "MiddleName": null,
      "GoesByName": "John",
      "Suffix": null"
  "PageCount": 1,
  "PageIndex": 0,
  "PageSize": 50