On February 28, 2019, we're saying goodbye to The City, but we have something even better for you in Realm.

We've made it easy for you to transition to a more powerful, robust, and intuitive platform designed to engage your congregation and manage your church.

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titleAccount Settings Tabs

Account: The Account tab is where you change the login, password, or email address associated with your account.

Profile: The Profile tab contains your basic profile information such as your name, gender, birthday, primary campus, and any miscellaneous notes you'd like to make about yourself. If you are known by a name other than your given first name, enter that name in the Preferred Name field.

titleThings to Remember

Your preferred name displays throughout The City, helping other people recognize you. Of course, all official reports (like your donor statement) display your legal first name.

Family: If you have a spouse and/or children, add them here. If your spouse is a City user, they must verify that you are their spouse. On the other hand, it's up to you as to whether or not your children display on your profile. To toggle that feature, select the Hide children on profile check box.

Contact Info: On this tab, add or edit your phone number , and your physical addresses, and Facebook or Twitter connection. Keeping your addresses up to date helps others stay connected to you, helps you find groups that may be of interest to you, and keeps your church's records accurate.

Skills: This tab provides a list of skills your church has identified as being valuable in serving the needs of the community. Selecting skills you possess can help you get connected to service opportunities.

Email: On this tab, view and edit your email settings for each of your City groups. You can also hide groups from your Groups menu or leave a group entirely.

Other Info: On this tab, view and edit any custom fields your church requests. If you don't see this tab, your church hasn't requested any additional information from you.


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