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titleTo create a service opportunity
  1. In your service group, click Start a New Post.
  2. Choose Need as your type of post.
  3. Enter a title.
  4. Enter the content of your need.
  5. Use the text formatting tools to make your message look the way you want.
  6. Under Options, select Service Opportunity.
  7. Apply any other options you want:
    • Attach a file to your post.
      1. Click + Add a File.
      2. Click Choose File to browse for what you want.
      3. Repeat this process to add more files.
    • Click Change the need address to assign a custom address for the need. If you don't add one, the post will use the default address of the group.
    • Select Share to share this post with other groups or your friends.
    • Select Publish to unveil the Plaza options available to you.
    • You can also apply other options.
  8. Click Post This Need.
  9. Choose the skill you'd like to associate with this service opportunity.
  10. Click Update.