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You can set up an option to log in to ACS automatically. This works along with your network user name (the one you use to log in to your computer) to bypass the ACS log in window.

 To log in users automatically
  1. Under Advanced Tools, click the Admin Utilities tab.
  2. In the drop-down list, select Add/Edit Users and click Go .
  3. Select Login Users Automatically.
  4. Select a user, then click Edit.
  5. In the Network Login Name field, enter the user's network user name (the one you use to log in to the computer).

    OnDemand Customers

    For OnDemand customers, the Network Login Name will be your OnDemand user name.

  6. Click Apply, then click OK.

Once this is set up, a message displays the next time you log in.

If you select to remember the selection and not display the message again, the program automatically opens. You can reset this so the message displays again upon opening the program, and you have the option to log in as another user.

 To reset the automatic login feature for a user
  1. Under Advanced Tools, click My Preferences.
  2. Click Reset Auto Login.
  3. When the confirmation message displays, click Yes.