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Year-End Guide on the Toolbar

During the 12th month of your fiscal year, a link to the year-end guide now displays on the toolbar. This gives you access to help with year-end procedures at your fingertips.

We've also added a year-end guide link in ACS People Suite, which displays on the toolbar from December 15 to January 31 each year.

Accounts Payable

Print 1099 Corrections with Zero Totals

If you correct a 1099 by setting the Box 7 total to zero, the zero total now displays on the 1099 Correction.

General Ledger

Bank Reconciliation

We've introduced several changes for bank reconciliation.

Often, transaction dates differ from posting dates, which means the bank reconciliation report doesn't match the balance sheet. The Bank Account Reconciliation Mismatch Report highlights common reasons why the bank balance (on the balance sheet) doesn't match the calculated book balance (in bank reconciliation).

To access this report, when reconciling transactions, click Balance Sheet Mismatch Report

When printing the Bank Account Reconciliation Report, the transaction status now displays. Since the data range doesn't affect the report, we've disabled it and moved Reprint Saved Reports in line with the other buttons.

If you enter a bank interest or service charge when reconciling transactions, then click Accept Balance, you can now post the transaction. 

Editing Posted Transactions

In General Ledger, you can now edit transactions posted from Contributions and Accounts Receivable. When editing Contributions transactions, you can change the date and post month/year. When editing Accounts Receivable transactions, you can change the date.

All changes display on the GL Transaction Changes Log report. 

New Option for Filtering General Ledger Transactions

When filtering GL transactions by explanation or comment, select Contains and enter some text for your search, it doesn’t have to be an exact match anymore.