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You must have Access ACS for this API to work correctly.


Pulls a list of all the calendars for a specific site.

Request Verb



Request Header

Authorization -– Use to determine security rights to authorize the person logged in.
For example:
username: adams
password: password231

Sitenumber –- The site number to gather data for.


Useful Information

Add the following to the RssSlug in order to use:{your site number}/{desired RssSlug}

Sample JSON Returned Data

    "CalendarId": "52e55283-33a4-4c61-a90a-909f03781094",
    "Name": "Children's Ministry ",
    "Description": "This calendar consist of events dealing with the children of our church.",
    "IsPublished": true,
    "RssSlug": "childrens-ministry-calendar"
    "CalendarId": "db14ea12-9a55-4cd9-91f2-72141b4a070c",
    "Name": "Worship Service",
    "Description": "This calendar consist of events dealing with the various worship services of our church.",
    "IsPublished": true,
    "RssSlug": "worship-service"


 The data repeats over for each calendar.