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Geocoding is an optional service you can purchase to generate the latitude and longitude for each valid address when you CASS™ certify your data. Longitude and Latitude values display as a part of the person's address record. When the CASS certification results are applied to the data, these fields are also updated in the address record. 

This service can be helpful depending on the needs of your congregation, organization, or school. When using geocoding, you can determine which regions of your town, city, or county are drawing new members, and this can help you decide where to plant future ministries.

If you select to use this service, the downloaded coordinates can be viewed in the Add/Edit Addresses window accessed from the View/Edit Individual - Addresses tab and View/Edit Organization - Addresses tab in ACS. Even if you do not subscribe to the Geocoding service, you can enter the coordinates manually in the Latitude and Longitude fields in the Add/Edit Addresses window.

Regardless of whether you subscribe to Geocoding or enter coordinates manually, you can use an Advanced Export to extract the data into an Excel® spreadsheet, and then import it into mapping programs such as Microsoft's® Streets & Trips.

 To view or manually change the latitude or longitude coordinates for an address
  1. Log into the ACS People Suite.
  2. Under Manage Records, click the People or Organizations tab.
  3. In the drop-down list, select View/Edit Individual or View/Edit Organizations and click Go .
  4. Select an individual or organization and click View/Edit.
  5. Click the Addresses tab.
  6. Select an address, and click Edit.
  7. The Latitude and Longitude fields are located below the Map Page field. Click in the fields and make any changes needed.


For more information on how you can receive the Geocoding service, click the Geocoding link in the CASS Certification window or visit our website.