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Once everything is set up, you can share data between your diocese and parishes.

During this process, you'll view differences between your parish databases and your diocesan database. You can accept or reject the changes, then choose whether to send the new changes back to parishes.


 To share the data
  1. On the home window, click Share Parish's Data with The Raiser's Edge NXT. The wizard opens, searches the data, and displays a list of your parishes.
  2. Parishes with new data are selected by default. Select Show Only Parishes that have Changed to view only the parishes that have new data since the last time they shared.
  3. Select or clear the Update Data check box to include or remove any parishes in the list.

    Useful Information

    Program Version displays the parish's PDS Office version. Date Parish Synchronized is when the parish last uploaded its data to the web service.

  4. If you want to view parish records without your pending changes, select Clear all pending changes for the Parish before syncing.

    Useful Information

    When you send changes to a parish, they're stored in the web service as "pending" until the parish syncs their Church Office data. If you share again before the parish has a chance to sync your changes, you can choose whether to view the record with the changes you made last time or to see the record as it is now in the parish database.

    To see the changes you sent before, clear the check box. To see the parish record as it is now, select the check box.

  5. If you want to review all parish records instead of only those that have changed, select Check all records, not just the ones that have changed.

    Useful Information

    You might select this option if there have been 'Agree to Disagree' matches or if you think there may be changes in records that aren't displayed.

  6. After you select the parishes you want to update, click Next.
  7. If changes are found, you can review them before sharing. For each item in the grid, click in the Action to be Taken column and select an action.


    To select the same action for all items, click the arrow beside the Mark All Lines As button, select an action, then click Yes to confirm.

    • To view the details of an item, select it and click the Details of the Current Item tab. Changes made in another PDS program display in red. Click the arrow column to change whether the diocesan data or the parish data is shared. The New/Old column in the bottom grid reflects if the change is new (shared in the current process) or old (shared in a previous process).
    • Click the Edit Diocese tab to edit the current diocesan data. Any changes you make here are saved, even if you exit the process before sharing.
    • Click the Edit Parish tab to edit the data from the parish. Changes you make here are saved once you click Save Changes or complete the process.

  8. After you select an action to take for all items, click Next.


    If you don't have time to share all families, you can update one family at a time instead. Select the family then click Apply Now at the bottom.

  9. Click Start Update to share the data.
  10. When the process is complete, click Finish.

List of Requested Additions, Deletions, and Changes

This tab displays additions, deletions, and changes to family information.


The ID is the family's diocesan ID. An asterisk (*) denotes a temporary number, meaning the family has never been been shared before. The temporary ID was assigned as the parish first uploaded the family. Once the family is matched to an existing record in Raiser's Edge NXT or a new record is created, the Constituent ID is returned as the new permanent link between the parish and diocese.

Changes from the parish are actions that occurred to the family in the parish database, and changes from the diocese occurred to the family in the diocesan database. For each listed change, you can select to update the diocesan data, the parish records, ignore the change, or agree to disagree. For example, if there is a parish change, you probably want to select Get Data from Parish so your diocesan records match those of the parish.

If you ignore a change, it is not shared but will be available next time you run this process. If you agree to disagree, the constituent's information is shared but unchanged, and the record is not available again until a new change is made.

Details of Current Item

This tab displays specific information that changed for the family you selected on the List of Requested Changes tab.


Generally, there are two columns – one for diocesan data and one for parish data. Information that is different between the parish and diocese is highlighted in red.

You can also include a reason for the change to send to the parish.