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Released July 2018


We recommend updating to HeadMaster, which offers the following enhancements:

HeadMaster Desktop

Background Checks

We have a new background check partner, Verified First, to bring you comprehensive, detailed, and convenient background checks. 

 The new features offered with VerifiedFirst include:

  • A secure online application. Protect applicants by allowing them to enter their personally identifiable information at their convenience. You can launch email invitations straight from the product and reports sync back to their profile.

  • Additional controls over staff rights. Choose who can submit background checks, view results, or do both.

  • Pay one bill, not two. We’ve consolidated billing, so you’ll receive just one statement from ACS Technologies. 

To process background checks, you must sign up for a VerifiedFirst account. 

When you transition to Verified First, you’ll need to make the following changes to the user security settings there:

  1. Any new users must have All rights access to Verified First to order background checks and view reports.

  2. If you remove a user's rights in HeadMaster, you must also remove them in Verified First. 

You can still submit, access, and review background checks on the Safeguard tab. 


 HeadMaster Corrections

We fixed the following issues that affected some customers:

  • In HeadMaster Online, when clicking to post in New Students Request, an invalid date message displayed. 

  • When creating a new advanced export for the Student Emergency category, "DBISAM engine error #11949 SQL parsing error - Invalid DISTINCT BLOB column in SELECT SQL statement at line 9, column 1." displayed. 

  • When applying change requests for people in HeadMaster who no longer exist in ACS People Suite, "You must process or free the current dataset before editing another individual" displayed.

  • When navigating to Tools > Constant Contact > New List and selecting a search, the search did not display the correct results.