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If you begin using the ACS Payroll module after the first of the year, you can enter accumulated W-2 totals to date using Add/Edit W-2 Totals.

Before you can enter accumulated payroll totals for each employee, you must do the following:

Remember to break up your beginning total entries by quarter for each employee. Failure to enter employee totals by quarter results in incorrect totals on your Form 941. In addition, make sure to mark federal codes and pay types as taxable- otherwise the federal wages may not match the amounts for FICA and Medicare on the W-2.

Make a Backup

It's a good idea to perform a Financial backup before making any changes. Remember, it is easier to restore a backup than it is to try to “undo” changes, and the information you edit in the W-2 window prints on the Form W-2.

 To enter W-2 totals
  1. Under Manage Records, click the Period End Procedures tab.
  2. In the drop-down list, select Add/Edit W-2 Totals and click Go .
  3. In the Input W-2 Information window, click Lookup to select the Employee whose W-2 you want to adjust.
  4. In the Year field, select the year for which you are entering or changing W-2 totals.
  5. Under Transaction information, select the appropriate period. Select Q1, Q2, Q3, or Q4.
  6. Enter the appropriate information in each field of the W-2, then click Apply.
  7. A message displays, stating "You have entered or changed information in the Total Gross, Deduction, or Addition fields." If the statement is true, perform step #8 as necessary for your situation.
  8. Follow the appropriate steps as they apply to your situation:
    • If you entered initial totals or edited the Total Gross field, the Add/Edit W-2 Wages window displays when you click Apply. Distribute this amount to the appropriate pay type and cost center. The default cost centers and pay types that display are defined on the Pay tab of the employee's record. If necessary, edit this information. Click OK to save your changes.
    • If there are deduction or addition adjustments associated with this employee record and you entered or changed information in the Deduction or Addition fields, the Add/Edit W2 Additions or the Add/Edit W2 Deductions window displays when you click Apply. Disburse the amount to the appropriate adjustment. Click OK to save your changes.
  9. Click OK to continue.