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Here's an outline of daily, weekly, month-end, and year-end procedures for Accounts Payable. We've also included procedures for printing checks. To learn more about a process, we've linked each step to procedures related to that task.

Daily/weekly procedures

  1. Add any new vendors.
  2. Add any new memorized invoices and schedule memorized invoices as desired.
  3. Enter any new invoices.
  4. Print the invoice proof list to check the accuracy of invoices entered.
  5. Correct invoices, if necessary.
  6. Post invoices.

Check printing procedures

  1. Optional: Print the Cash Requirements report.
  2. Suspend, force, or change invoice dates, if necessary.
  3. Start the Check Run.
  4. Print the Check Proof List to check the accuracy of check information prior to printing.
  5. Print Checks and post them to the General Ledger.
  6. Post any handwritten checks to the General Ledger or issue printed checks "on the fly" as needed.
  7. Create an ACH Transmission file.
  8. Print the Check Register report.

Month-end procedures

  1. Back up your data. Be certain not to overwrite the previous month's data so that at the end of the year you have an accurate record of the year's activities with twelve separate months of data.
  2. Enter any remaining invoices for the month.
  3. Post remaining invoices for the month.
  4. Print all reports that you need.
  5. Back up all financial data files.
  6. Close the month.

Year-end procedures

In the Accounts Payable module, you do not have to close the year. Once you close your last month of the current fiscal year, you are working in the new fiscal year. However, you should:

  1. Finish all daily/weekly, month-end, and quarter-end procedures.
  2. Back up all financial data files.
  3. File 1099s.