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When memorizing an invoice or when scheduling a memorized invoice, select an invoice frequency. Assigning a frequency option to an invoice allows the user to track how often the invoice is paid. You can add a frequency at any time and you can add as many frequencies as you want to meet the needs of your organization. 

You can select one of the predefined frequencies, or you can create additional frequencies. In most cases, user-defined frequencies are a variation of an existing invoice frequency. Here are the predefined frequencies:

  • Annual — once per year
  • Bi-Monthly — every two months
  • Bi-Weekly — every two weeks
  • Daily — every day
  • Monthly — once every month
  • Quarterly — once every quarter
  • Semi-Annual — twice a year
  • Semi-Monthly — twice a month
  • Weekly — every week

For Example

You have several utility bills which are due monthly, but the due dates fall at different times within the month. Create a frequency called "Monthly1" for invoices due the first week in the month, "Monthly2" for invoices due the second week in the month, and so on. Although the schedule option (monthly) and the frequency (once per month) of newly created invoice frequencies are identical to the ACS-defined Monthly frequency, making these small distinctions in the name of the frequency will help you to identify when the invoice is due at a glance.

Your exterminator comes every three months. Create a frequency option where the schedule option is "monthly" and the frequency is "three."

 To add a frequency
  1. Under Advanced Tools, click the Define Lists tab.
  2. In the drop-down list, select General Ledger and click Go .
  3. Select Frequencies, and click Add.
  4. Enter the Frequency Code, Description, Active Status, and Schedule Options.
  5. To add another frequency code, select Add Another.
  6. When finished, click OK.