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A scheduled invoice differs from a memorized invoice in that it is due on a specific date. When you create a non-scheduled memorized invoice, you set the invoice payment frequency (monthly, weekly, daily), but you do not assign a specific date that the invoice is due.

On the Invoice Calendar, you can schedule memorized invoices, which involves defining the invoice's due date and payment frequency. Once scheduled, you can view the invoices on the calendar and also generate them.

To view scheduled invoices, select the date on the calendar, and the invoice displays to the right of the calendar.


A red dot () displays the first scheduled date for a memorized invoice. If two or more invoices are scheduled for a date, a blue dot () displays on the first scheduled date.

The due date for scheduled invoices is determined by the Schedule Date, number of payments, number of payments made, and invoice frequency. For example, if you have a monthly invoice that has a scheduled date of 04/01/2012, with the number of payments made equally (6), then the invoice will not be due again until 10/01/2012 (it started in 04 and the 6 payments have already been made since the start date, making it not due until 10).

 To schedule a memorized invoice
  1. Under Manage Records, click the Transactions tab.
  2. In the drop-down list, select Accounts Payable Invoices and click Go .
  3. Click Memorized Invoices, then click Invoice Calendar.
  4. Select the Month and Year to schedule the invoice. To scroll backward through the months prior to the current month, click . To scroll forward through the months beyond the current month, click .
  5. On the invoice calendar, select the date for which you want to schedule the invoice.
  6. Select Non-Scheduled to view only non-scheduled, memorized invoices.
  7. In the grid, under Memorized Invoices, select the memorized invoice you want to schedule. Once selected, the invoice's distributions display in the bottom grid. You can also click Edit Memorized to edit the memorized invoice before scheduling it.
  8. Hold down the cursor, then drag the invoice you want to schedule to the date on the calendar you want to schedule it for.
  9. The invoice(s) scheduled for that date display on the right. To set an invoice's frequency, select the invoice whose frequency you want to set, then click on the frequency link below the grid.
  10. Continue scheduling additional invoices, if necessary. When finished, click Close to return to the Add/Edit Memorized Invoices window.