Post a new change request to close, modify, reassign, or create an outreach connection.


    "ConnectionId": -1,
    "Complete": false,
    "ConnectionDate": "06/05/2015",
    "ConnectionTypeId": 1,
    "FamilyConnection": false,
    "ContactIndvId": 76,
    "OpenCategoryId": 1,
    "Reassign": false,
    "NewCallerIndvId": -1,
    "NewTeamId": 1,
    "Comment": "Test",
    "ResponseIdList": [-1]

Required Permissions

The user must fall into one of the categories below:

Request Header

Basic Authorization is used to determine security rights for the user credentials supplied using the following parameters.

u sername : "jadams"

password : "password231"

URL Parameters

Site_number  – Site number to gather data for.

Individual_ID   Individual associated with the record.   Values from   Individual Search API.

JSON Body Text

ConnectionId: [-1] ** 
Complete: [ true | false] Connection completed?
ConnectionDate:  "06/05/2015" format MM/DD/YYYY
ConnectionTypeId:  1  Values from Connection Types API
FamilyConnection: [ true | false]  Family connection vs. Individual connection.
ContactIndvId:  76  Who will be contacted?  Values from Individual Search API
OpenCategoryId:  1  *Not using, default to 1
Reassign:  [ true | false]  True means the connection will be reassigned; False means it will not.
NewCallerIndvId:  -1  Who will be contacting the individual?  Values from Individual Search API.
NewTeamId: 1  ID of team who will be contacting the individual.  Values from Connections Team List. ***
Comment:  "Test"  This is a comment concerning the connection.
ResponseIdList: [-1]  Values from Available Responses API. (You will need to use the ConnectionTypeId from the Connection Types API in order to run the Available Responses API.) ****

** Values for ConnectionID :

Add New : -1  

Complete/Modify/Reassign : Enter Connection Id.  Value from Connection Details API.

*** Either an Individual or Team can be assigned to make the connection.  If a team will be making the connection, then the NewCallerIndvid will have a value of -1.  If an individual will be making the connection, then the NewTeamId will have a value of -1.

**** Valid Values for ResponseIdList:

  No responses:   -1

  Responses Provided:  Enter them in the following format:  [value 1, value 2, value 3...]

Return Data

The Id returned is the Connection Change Request ID (ConnectionCRId).  


When adding a new connection, these fields must be provided:

When reassigning a connection, these fields must be provided: