The following chart displays the features included in the different versions of The City: Web, iOS, and Android. 

= Available

x = Not available and not currently planned for development

Account creation
Password recovery
Login recovery x x
City switching
User InfoWebiOSAndroid
Account info edit xx
User profile
User search
Profile edit
Family editComing
Contact info editComing
Skills editComing
Notification settings
Custom fieldsxx
News feed
Filtering by content typexx
Content creation (topic, event, prayer, need, album, and status)
Content response (topic, event, prayer, need, album, and status)
Content advanced options
Content supporting
Shared content (creating)xx
Shared content (viewing and responding)
Event registration (Access ACS and Wufoo)
Creating registration events (Access ACS and Wufoo)xx
File attachments on content (adding)x
File attachments on content (viewing)
Message event inviteesxx
Groups (profile and stream)
Group search
Search within a groupxx
Group settingsxx
Group participants (viewing)
Group participants (management)xx
Group invitations
Seed group creationxx
Connect groupsxx
Additional FeaturesWebiOSAndroid
Admin panelxx
Plaza (posting and viewing)xx
Children's Ministry Check-Inxx
Messages (initiation, viewing, and responding)
Marketplace (listing, viewing, and responding)x
Consolidated searchxx
Reminders (friend and group invitations)
Reminders (family)x
Reminders (CM booking, drafts, event roles, need items, processes, and sharing)xx
Prayer Listxx
Service Opportunities (creating and viewing)xx
Promotions (creating and viewing)xx