After you configure Ministry Scheduler, you can enter your mass schedule. Add masses by navigating to Information > Masses.

  1. At the top, click Add Mass.
  2. Enter the mass time, then enter a name or select Use Day & Time as Name.
  3. Select the type of mass. See the mass type descriptions below this procedure.

    If you're creating a permanent mass for a parish that doesn't serve Eucharist as both species at all masses, enter the permanent mass twice, and select complementing Allowed Weeks of A Month. Then, increase the Eucharistic minister count for the weeks both species are served.

  4. Enter or select any necessary information about the mass.
  5. In the Mass Ministry grid, enter the name of the ministry, the number of ministers needed, and the Class/Group name. Do this for each ministry you want to add for the mass.
  6. Click Save.


There are three types of masses you can enter:

Edit or Delete Masses
Set Up Special Days and Holidays