Ministers can use the web app to view scheduled assignments online or on a mobile device.

PDS Administrators: Before your ministers can use the web app, you must:

  1. Set minister online access.
  2. Upload minister schedule data.
  3. Set up online login credentials for ministers.


After your administrator sets up the minister web app, you can view your scheduled assignments on the web app.

  1. On your computer or mobile device, open your browser.
  2. Go to or
  3. Log in using the credentials your administrator gave you.

    The first time you log in to the app, the information is blank.

  4. Your assignments for the specified date range display in the list. If you have family members who are also ministers, their assignments display in the list as well.
  5. Click an assignment to view more detailed information.
  6. Click Back to return to your list of assignments.

To quickly access the minister web app from your mobile device, you can add a bookmark on your home screen. View the documentation for your device to learn how to do this.

Setting Minister Online Access
Uploading Data to the Minister Web App
Setting Up Online Login Credentials