Keeping accurate employee records is extremely important.

In ACS Payroll, you can track an employee's time off, direct deposit information, adjustments, comments, pay, and contact information on the record. Some of this information is useful in case of emergencies, while other data helps you avoid errors when preparing W-2 forms. You can also deactivate employees who no longer work at your organization.

In addition, if you own ACS People Suite, Organizations, or HeadMaster, you can import records from those programs and refresh them frequently to ensure that you have the latest employee data.

Here's an overview of some of the information you can track on employee records:


If an employee claims Single - 1 or more withholding allowances, you must add 2 to your existing allowances. 

Adding Vacation and Sick Time to Employee Records
Adding Employee Direct Deposit Information
Options when Adding and Editing Employee Records
Editing Employee Records
Deactivating Employee Records
Importing Employee Records from People Organizations or HeadMaster
Printing an Employee List