You can use the Add/Edit Employees window to create, manage, and view employee records.

When you [add records|Adding Employee Records], you can track an employee's basic information, such as personal and contact information, as well as employment dates, payroll options, taxes, adjustments, time off, and direct deposit information. You can also [edit records|Editing Employee Records] as employee information changes.

If you use ACS People, Organizations, or HeadMaster, and an employee has a record in one of them, there's no need to add a new record; you can [import existing records from these products|Importing Employee Records from People Organizations or HeadMaster]. If you added a record to ACS Financial Suite, then find that the individual has a record in another product, you can [link the records|Linking Employee Records]. However, be sure to [refresh employee data|Refreshing Employee Records] occasionally to obtain record changes from those products.

You can also [delete an employee|Deleting Employee Records] if he or she has been inactive for over a year, or [print a list of employees|Printing an Employee List].

h1. What do you want to do?

* [Add an employee record|Adding Employee Records]
* [Edit an employee's record|Editing Employee Records]
* [Delete an employee's record|Deleting Employee Records]
* [Deactivate an employee's record|Deactivating Employee Records]
* [Importing employee records from People, Organizations, or HeadMaster|Importing Employee Records from People Organizations or HeadMaster]
* [Link employee records to People, Organizations, or HeadMaster|Linking Employee Records]
* [Refresh imported and linked employee records|Refreshing Employee Records]
* [Print an employee list|Printing an Employee List]