Welcome to the ACS Year-end Guide. At ACS Technologies, we want year-end to be as convenient as possible for you. This manual contains tips and step-by-step guidelines to help you complete year-end procedures quickly and efficiently.

We've grouped information about each module into tips and procedures for different situations. This year’s guide also contains more step-by-step procedures to help you perform those tasks that you only do occasionally. You can read the entire year-end guide, or you can use it as a reference tool to find only the information you need.

Before you start year-end procedures, we suggest reading [Preparing for Year-End|Preparing for Year-End] and [Backing up your financial data]. Or, select a topic from the list of common year-end tasks or the table of contents.



h1. Common Year-End Tasks

* [Backing up your financial data]
* [Year-end closing checklist|Year-end closing checklist]
* [Preparing for Year-End|Preparing for Year-End]
* [Printing Form 1096 at year-end|Printing Form 1096 at Year-End]
* [Printing Contributions statements]
* [Working with Form W-2 at Year-End|Working with Form W-2 at Year-End]
* [Preparing and Printing Form 941]
* [Preparing and Printing Form 1099 at year-end|Preparing and Printing Form 1099 at Year-End]
* [Reassigning envelope numbers at year-end|Reassigning envelope numbers at year-end]
* [Getting Additional Help]

h1. Search the Year-End Guide
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h1. Printable Help
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