Before starting to enter information into People, here are some things that are helpful for you to know.

Before you start entering information, it's important to:

Security in the People module

Security in ACS is based, not just on whether or not you have access to a module, but what options you can access within the module, and what you can do in that option.

Within a module option, security choices are:

You can set up security rights in Utilities > Add/Edit Users. A grayed option means you do not have access to it, and if you need access, you'll need to go to your church's administrator to ask for it.

The Add/Edit Individuals option is in the People module. Add/Edit Individuals stores names, addresses, phone numbers, and a lot of other information about individuals who have a relationship with your organization.

Your volunteers help out at the office front desk by answering the phone. Members are always asking for addresses and phone numbers, and you want the volunteers to be able to get that information but not be able to change anything.

In ACS People, they are given access to the View/Edit option with View only rights. This allows them to access Add/Edit Individuals but they cannot change or edit any information.


Terminology used in the People module

Understanding terminology used in People will help you correctly set up and use this module. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the following:

People's Relationship to Other Modules

The People module is the foundation for all other modules in the People Suite so it is important to make sure it correct.


Access ACS

Access ACS is a web based companion to ACS. Data flows back and forth between People and other modules and Access. If you are going to use Access, include its functionality in mind (groups, online giving, outreach, serving, event registration) during set up.

Use the following documents to help you determine the features you’ll use in Access and how to set them up to interact with ACS.

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