You can customize Fixed Assets reports to display the information your organization needs.

  1. Under Generate Reports, click the Reports tab.
  2. In the drop-down list, select Fixed Assets and click Go .
  3. Expand Lists or Labels, then select the report you want to work with.
  4. In the lower sidebar, select a date range for the report (if the report is based on a date range).
  5. Click Customize
  6. Make the necessary selections on the Report Options tab, then click Preview to display your customized report.

The following fields and options are available on the Options tab. Not all options are available for every report.

Displays the title of the report. You can change the ACS title to one of your own.

Print Date
Displays the current date. You can change the Print Date of a report so that a different date displays for Date Printed. This is useful if you are generating reports a couple of days in advance for a committee meeting. However, keep in mind that changing the print date does not affect the information in the report. Once the report is generated, the information does not change, regardless of the Print Date.

Report Options

  • Sort By — Click in the Sort By box and select the order in which you want the report information sorted. The available options are Description, Code, Category, Condition, Department, Tax District, Depreciation Type, Type, and Location.
  • Page Break — To direct ACS to insert a page break when encountering a different list type, select the check box. The list types are Category, Condition, Department, Tax District, Depreciation Type, Type, and Location.
  • Print Bar Code — If you want to include the assets' bar codes when printing the Fixed Assets Lists report, select the check box.
  • Print Uppercase ---If you want to print the information in all capital letters when printing labels, select the check box.
  • Start Printing at Label ---Select the number of the label where you want to begin printing.
  • Starting Item # — When printing labels for items with unassigned item numbers, select the item number where you want to begin printing.
  • Number of Labels — When printing labels for items with unassigned item numbers, select the number of labels that you want to print.

Fixed Asset Options

  • Include Inactive Items — To include items in the report that are no longer active, select the check box.
  • Print Multiple Labels (per asset Quantity) — To print more than one label for multiple items of the same asset, select the check box. For example, if you own three laser printers with the same model number, you can print three labels at once with this option.
  • Search on Acquire Date — To perform a search for one or all assets purchased or acquired on a particular date or a range of dates, select the check box. Enter the dates you want to use for the search. To search on one date, enter the same date in the Beginning Date and Ending Date fields.
  • Beginning and Ending Date — Enter the first and last date you want to use in your search. You can also select a date in the calendar.
  • Depreciation Type — To include only assets using certain depreciation types, select the depreciation type. Or, select All to include all assets regardless of the method of depreciation.
  • Depreciation Frequency — Select the depreciation frequency (monthly, yearly, or all) you want to include.
  • Maintenance Status — To include only assets with certain maintenance records, select the appropriate option (Complete, Incomplete, or All).

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