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HeadMaster Desktop Enhancements


We added two security profile options to HeadMaster Pro and HeadMaster Plus, so non-administrative users can post grades and skills. The new security profile options are located in User Administration.


On the General tab in the Parents, Students, or Teachers sections, administrative users can change the HeadMaster Online user name. You can click Get Random to assign a random user name generated by the program.

On the General tab in the Students section, we added a Print ID Card button. This option is convenient when printing replacement cards or when a new student transfers in. Depending on the type of printer you have, you can select to print for either a label format or a plastic badge format.


We added an Amount Due column to the Families grid. The Amount Due column displays the amount remaining to be paid for all invoices.

The Amount Due column:

  • Excludes unapplied credits
  • Displays a $0 amount for parents that have unapplied credits from overpayments or dedicated payments

Also, unapplied credits will still display on the Billing Inquiry and Statements reports as unapplied payments.


When you click the Show Map icon  on the toolbar in either the Students or Prospective Students section, Google Maps™ mapping service displays the address location.

HeadMaster Desktop Corrections

We fixed the following bugs that affected some of our customers:

  • On the Attendance tab in the Check In/Out section, when selecting the Mark School Attendance using Check In/Out check box with the time fields blank, all students were marked absent.
  • In the Correspondence section, when creating a new letter or email with the "Parent" document type selected and the Family Balance Due data field added, the preview didn't include the dollar sign with the amount.
  • An error message displayed while adding an item description in the Lunch Line section.
  • The GPA by Grading Period report displayed inactive students regardless of what filter was applied.
  • An error message displayed while processing a search with the Search Type "Student."
  • When running change requests in HeadMaster, it was trying to sync names to ACS even if ACS People Integration was turned off.
  • An error message displayed while attempting to print a document created in the Correspondence section.
  • In Revenue Centers, under the Define list section, when adding an invoice for a payment that already exists, an extra deposit was created in General Ledger.
  • In the SchoolCast export, the wrong information displayed for people whose names contain a comma.
  • The grades didn't display after exporting to a PDF from within the Gradebook.
  • The Report Cards were including omitted grades in the GPA and displaying zeros for incomplete grades. This made the averages and GPA incorrect.
  • Lunch pre-orders didn't save while switching between different homeroom teachers.
  • In the Define List section, entries made within Admissions couldn't be deleted.
  • An error message displayed while adding a family record to ACS People.
  • The Progress Report was processing slowly while trying to print it.
  • Performing a re-installation of HeadMaster did not allow the option for creating desktop icons to be selected.

HeadMaster Online Enhancements


In the Overview window, when you click on a class name, you can view the student's skill grades if they exist for that class.


The Family Billing screen displays the Family Balance, which matches the Amount Due column in the Families grid within HeadMaster Desktop.